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Our Engineers are back at work and carrying out essential Plumbing and Gas work. We have introduced some extra safety and social distancing measures for visits to occupied premises and properties to ensure that our Engineers can feel safe whilst carrying out their work and also to ensure our customers can feel safe during our visit.If you wish to know more about how we can help you during this time or if you have any questions about plumbing and gas, please contact us on: 07816413387
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Heating Systems & Radiator Replacements
Chorleywood, Rickmansworth and surrounding Hertfordshire areas

Radiator Replacement Icon

Radiator Replacements

There are many reasons to remove or replace a radiator, sometimes just a temporary removal to decorate the wall behind. whatever the reason, make sure you get it done properly.

For new radiator installations it is important to consider the size of the radiator and the room in which you are heating. Many factors to consider here that affect air change such as doors and windows, orientation (north/south) or even floor type, but our experienced team will ensure your radiators heat your home efficicently for years to come.

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Heating System upgrades

If you find your home has a dated or insufficient heating system, or none at all, you might be interested in upgrading or installing a new system.

It is important to consider your space and ensure that your new system is designed accordingly. Our experienced heating engineers wont leave you cold with a system that under delivers or costs you the world.

There are a wide range of heating systems available to the modern home from radiators to underfloor. Contact us today to explore your heating options.

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Heating System Filters

We recommend using filters in your heating system to reduce the volume of potentially damaging debris that builds up. With a proper service and maintenance, a heating filter system will keep your costs down in the long run by reducing the damage cause by harmful contaminants. The sludge can potentially block your pipework, damage your pumps and valves, plug heat exchangers and cause cold spots in your radiators. This is best avoided and we have a simple solution, with the installation of magnetic heating filters. Contact us to find out more.

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Heating System Power Flushing

Power flushing is used to restore the circulation of your heating system and reduce/remove any irritating noise issues caused by corrosion deposits in your heating system.

Power flushing is useful on newly installed systems as will remove any debris picked up in the installation process and any greasy deposits applied by the manufacturer.

It is important that you have any existing systems power flushed before installing a new boiler. It is also good practice to have your existing system routinely power flushed to prevent future problems arising.

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