Add your Boiler to Your New Years Resolutions

Happy New Year to all of our customers past and present.
We hope that 2020 will be warm and dry for you all!

It's that time again for setting new year resolutions and goals for the coming year. These include everything from healthy and clean eating regimes; keep fit and exercise goals so that our bodies get into and stay in shape and financial reviews to ensure that our money is working for us in the most efficient way. The list of resolutions is not exhaustive because everyone's needs and desires are different.

However, whilst you are setting your goals and aspirations for the year spare a thought for your domestic boiler. Every boiler is slightly different but every boiler still has the same job to do. There are many different brands and specifications of boilers but their owners all have the same needs - a warm home and hot water.

To ensure that your boiler remains in a tip top healthy condition and working efficiently thus ensuring your bills are kept to a minimum we recommend that it is serviced annually. Most reputable boiler manufacturers recommend that their boilers have an annual service and this is even more important if the boiler is newly installed as this annual service will ensure the boiler's warranty remains valid.

Heat Tech pride ourselves in the high standard of our boiler services.
We don't just wave a hoover at the boiler and give it a quick wipe over but carry out a full service which includes the following:

1. Your boiler is taken apart and given a thorough clean and check over.

2. We check the settings to ensure it's burning the right amount of gas.

3. The emissions are checked to ensure that it is not producing harmful levels of carbon monoxide.

4. We carry out a check for leaks, damage, corrosion and general wear and tear.

REMEMBER: you won't notice how hard your boiler works for you until it stops. Don't be caught out!
Be proactive in 2018 and book a boiler service with Heat Tech Services Ltd.
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