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boiler servicing
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boiler servicing & repair
Boiler Replacement & Installation Icon

Boiler replacements & new installations

In the event that your boiler breaks down and is beyond repair or no longer cost effective to maintain, our expert heating engineers are on hand to install a brand new boiler replacement.

On average, a boiler should last between 10-15 years, although it is possible to keep it running smoothly for longer providing you have your system routinely serviced.

There are a few common indicators that it is time to have your boiler replaced. Call us today for advice.

Boiler Servicing and Fault Finding Icon

Boiler Servicing, fault finding and repairs

We recommend an annual boiler service to ensure that your boiler system is working efficiently, safely and minimises the chance of serious fault or breakdown. It is important to have routine servicing even if your boiler appears to be in good health.

Our typical service will check your boilers key components, repair/replace any heavily worn parts and carry out safety checks on the boilers carbon monoxide emissions.

We highly recommend a service during the summer months to prevent shocks when the cold winter comes.

heating systems & radiators
Radiator Replacement Icon


There are many reasons to remove or replace a radiator, sometimes just a temporary removal to decorate the wall behind. whatever the reason, make sure you get it done properly.

For new radiator installations it is important to consider the size of the radiator and the room in which you are heating. Many factors to consider here that affect air change such as doors and windows, orientation (north/south) or even floor type, but our experienced team will ensure your radiators heat your home efficicently for years to come.

Heating System Upgrades Icon

heating system

If you find your home has a dated or insufficient heating system, or none at all, you might be interested in upgrading or installing a new system.

It is important to consider your space and ensure that your new system is designed accordingly. Our experienced heating engineers wont leave you cold with a system that under delivers or costs you the world.

There are a wide range of heating systems available to the modern home from radiators to underfloor. Contact us today to explore your heating options.

Heating System Filters Icon

heating system

We recommend using filters in your heating system to reduce the volume of potentially damaging debris that builds up. With a proper service and maintenance, a heating filter system will keep your costs down in the long run by reducing the damage cause by harmful contaminants. The sludge can potentially block your pipework, damage your pumps and valves, plug heat exchangers and cause cold spots in your radiators. This is best avoided and we have a simple solution, with the installation of magnetic heating filters. Contact us to find out more.

Heating Power Flush Icon

heating system power flushing

Power flushing is used to restore the circulation of your heating system and reduce/remove any irritating noise issues caused by corrosion deposits in your heating system.

Power flushing is useful on newly installed systems as will remove any debris picked up in the installation process and any greasy deposits applied by the manufacturer.

It is important that you have any existing systems power flushed before installing a new boiler. It is also good practice to have your existing system routinely power flushed to prevent future problems arising.

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water pressure & control
Mains Pressure System Icon

mains pressure
water systems

We are able to upgrade all water systems, including mains pressure systems. If you have a mains pressure system currently installed and you are experiencing low water pressures it is important to have your system checked and repaired if necessary.

Mains pressure systems increase wear and tear on both the pipes and fittings, and rely on an increased number of valves, so if you find your system isn’t working at its optimum we will be able to carry out checks on any potentially faulty components or your mains pressure system.

Heating Control Systems Icon

heating & water
control systems

We install, repair and replace central heating and water control systems to help you regulate and control the temperature of your home, while helping you keep on top of the heating costs.

There a wide range of control systems on the market which allow you to adjust manually, set automatic timers and even control the system remotely using smart devices. We can advise on a control system that is perfect for your home and suitable for your personal requirements.

Shower Pump Icon

shower pump

As an alternative to installing a mains pressure cylinder or a combination boiler, you can use a shower pump to increase the power of your shower. A shower pump is a more cost effective way of delivering a consistent and uninterrupted water flow, pressure and temperature.

There are factors to consider before commiting to a shower pump but we will help you decide if a shower pump is right for you and advise on your options. Our engineers will carry out an efficient installation or upgrade and have you enjoying a quality shower in your home in no time.

Water Cylinder Icon

hot water cylinder replacements

If you need your hot water cylinder replaced because it has sprung a leak, is damaged or is old and worn then please rely on a professional engineer to ensure an efficicent and successful replacement. This is a DIY task you won’t want to get wrong.

Perhaps you need to increase the size of your vented water cylinder? It’s very important to consider the available space as typical airing cupboards are built to size. The Heat Tech team will help you find a solution that works for you and your home.

gas safety & compliance
Gas Safety Check Icon

landlord gas &
safety checks

If you are a landlord, it is a legal requirement that your gas appliances work efficiently, safely and correctly. Our expert gas engineers can carry out checks on your property to ensure you are legally compliant and have the certificates to prove it.

The service will incude an inspection of your gas meter, pipework and any gas appliances that you have in the home. The certificate that you are awarded will detail the outcome of our checks and inspection and will issue a reminder for its renewal. Landlords call today to arrange your gas safety check.